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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The xx

The xx’s debut album, XX, was released via Rough Trade Records. The youthful London based quartet mixes soft, conversational like vocals, with down-tempo melodies, and the result is completely mood altering. The xx works mainly with a traditional set-up (drums, bass, guitar, keys, sampler), yet their music is rather refreshing and creative…they must have found an indie-pop loophole.

"..I was like 'I like X's, I really like X's'. I just thought it was aesthetically pleasing"

Who: The xx (Romy Madley Croft, Baria Qureshi, Oliver Sim & Jamie Smith)
Where: London
Type: quartet - dual lead vocals: Romy & Oliver - who also play lead guitar and bass guitar, Baria: keyboards / guitar, and Jamie: beats/ MPC sampler
Age: they all just turned 20
Genre: Rock/ Alternative/ New Age
Listeners also bought: Whitest Boy Alive, Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, Portishead
Hype on them: off the charts

When I first discovered The xx, I had no idea who they were or if anyone else had heard of them- just knew I was Into Them. Over the past few weeks I have transitioned from like, into full blown love. Turns out I'm not the only one. The blogs are buzzing about them - making them the critic's darling 'it' band of the moment. This would typically make them fresh meat to the music vultures who love to prey on anything 'hyped'- however even they can't deny that their record lives up to the critical acclaim.

Crystalized - The xx
Intro - The xx
VCR - The xx
Basic Space - The xx
Islands - The xx
Shelter - The xx


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