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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Marc Broussard - Home

Home (MP3)
Marc Broussard
(right click to download MP3)

Marc is the son of Boogie Kings guitarist (and Louisiana Hall of Fame member) Ted Broussard. His upbringing in Lafayette, LA instilled in him an affinity for R&B alongside the Cajun trappings of southern Louisiana. Drawing vocal and stylistic influence from Otis Redding and Brian McKnight while bearing the gruff voice of a John Hiatt or a Dr. John, Broussard was barely 20 at the time of his first album's release. Though always a treat to hear him sing, nothing I have heard him record can compare to the energy and excitement of this track from his second album Carencro (named after Broussard's hometown of Carencro, Louisiana).

Marc Broussard website:
Marc Broussard on myspace


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